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Jitterbug the Label

Harper Rainbow Joy Print

Harper Rainbow Joy Print

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The sweet, soft, gorge sister of the Cowboy Harper set. Her favourite 90s one hit wonder is Nikki Webster Strawberry Kisses and her favourite furniture is inflatable. We're in love, basically. While being fashion, fun, gorgeous she is also incredibly sturdy, high quality and made with comfort in mind. 

Harper is meant to be worn tight at the waist for the pants and a looser fit for the jacket. She is sold separately or as a set. If purchasing as a set and you want different sizes for the pants and the jacket, please leave a note with your order.


- High quality, durable double mesh fabric
- Faux fur rainbow hearts
- Faux leather fringing to the arms, bodice and pant legs
- Kilt pins to the lapel 
- 3 x clasp & bars on the jacket 
- Long straight leg pant 
- 2 x clasp & bar on the pant with metal zip 
- Made to order 

Please note that as each is handmade to size, the placement of hearts will be slightly different based on best look for that particular size. Each piece is made to order so please make sure to check your size with the Jitterbug Size Chart here:

Each item is made 100% to order and I work from top to bottom in a queue system. Please allow up to 28 working days for dispatch.

Information on production and shipping times can be found here.

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